What kind of music do you like

What kind of music do you like

Amy : Paul, what kind of music do you like to listen to?

Paul :  All kinds, but mostly Pop, rock and classical. Why?     

Amy : I have tickets to a show. Do you want to go with me?   

Paul :  What kind of music is it?  

Amy : Pop. It's Mariah Carey.      

Paul :  When is it?       

Amy : At 8PM tomorrow night.   

Paul : Yeah, I'd like to go. Do you think we should have dinner first?

Amy : Yes, that's a good idea.     

Paul :  Let's eat at the restaurant across the street from my apartment.

Amy : Oh, I think I know the place you mean. We ate there last month, right? 

Paul :  Yes, that's right. You have a good memory.