Computer problems

Computer problems

Anna : Hi Jason, Sorry to bother you. I have a question for you.      

Jason : OK, what's up?       

Anna : I've been having a problem with my computer. I know you're an engineer so I thought you might be able to help me.  

Jason : I see. What's the problem?       

Anna : I have a file that I can't open for some reason.    

Jason : What type of file is it?     

Anna : It's a Word document I've been working on. I need to finish it by tomorrow.       

Jason : Were you able to open it before, on the computer you're using now?    

Anna : Yes, I was working on it last night and everything was fine, but this morning I couldn't open the file. 

Jason : Do you think your computer might have a virus?       

Anna : No, I checked and there weren't any. 

Jason : OK. I'm not sure what's wrong. If it's possible, email the file to me and I'll see if I can get it to open.   

Anna : OK, I'll do that when I get home. Are you going to be around tonight?  

Jason : Yeah, I'll be home after 8PM. Send it to me when you get a chance and I'll call you later.